Date Published: 06/01/2017

So…. Drum & Bass DJ/Producer Dominator touched base about some insane artwork for the next release on his newly launched record label D-Stortion Records. The release is titled “The World EP” by up and coming producers; K Motionz & Subsonic who are only 16 & 17 years old!

I was pretty much given free rein with the artwork which is always a bonus, myself and Dominator decided it made sense to base the design around the EP title name and match the mood of the tracks to the visual elements. The tracks are pretty grimy drum & bass style so the thought of an evil creature gripping and breaking the world brings that out, also has a bit of a hidden meaning in there in regards to the new label and fresh artists taking over the drum & bass scene.

More information about D-Stortion Records HERE

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