Facebook event cover image size

Facebook image sizes

This month Facebook has changed the event page cover image size, Admins on an event page will now have the option to add a timeline cover.

This new layout is a great way to really show off the artwork for your event, whereas before you just had a small image in the top left-hand corner, your Facebook event page will now have the same size image as the timeline cover feature on your profile page. In my opinion as a Graphic designer who has quite a lot of clients in the events promotions sector this is great, my artwork now takes prime position on the event page and really gives my clients the chance to get have an awesome looking event page.

Unlike personal profiles and fan pages, events now only have the option for one large photo, not a cover photo and a profile picture. The cover photo will shrunk to thumbnail size when the event appears in News Feed.

Here is an example of how one of our clients (Skrewface Promotions) has used this new feature on an upcoming event:

The Flyer Master | UK Graphic Design

I have found that the best size to go for is the same as the timeline cover for a page (850px x 315px) but i would tend to increase this to reduce pixelation so i create at 1700px x 630px

The Flyer Master | UK Graphic Design

The Flyer Master, UK Graphic Design Agency provides clients worldwide with High Quality Graphic Design Services. Our speciality is Bespoke Flyer Design. We aim to exceed expectations and supply all our clients with expert design solutions. We take pride in creating premium, unique and innovative content.

Based on the Isle of Wight, UK our team of enthusiastic designers are always ready to create some mind blowing bespoke designs, whether its Graphic Design, Print Design, Website Design or Animation, we always hit our targets. To supplement our expert skills we also offer premium printing services to all of our UK customers.

All clients – big or small – are treated with the same professional manner.

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Posted on March 27, 2013 in Useful Info

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Scott Bennett is the founder of The Flyer Master and has spent the last few years working hard to launch the company. Prior to The Flyer Master launch in January 2013, Scott has been building a personal portfolio as a Freelance Graphic Designer and has been busy networking and building connections within the industry. Scott has been working as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for the past eight years. He has a passion for unique and eye catching art and the fundamentals of good design. With a keen eye for detail, a strong technical ability and a boundless enthusiasm for design, illustration, photography, Scott brings a unique perspective to any project. With a particular interest in Event Promotion and Brand Identity design, He immerses himself in any given design brief, working closely with clients on projects both large and small. Having his own unique style, he is considered one of the go-to guys for Event Flyer Designs in the UK, having built his skills and networking within the industry of Event Promotion.

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